\>Technology law


We help commercialise technology assets by assisting customers and vendors alike through the entire technology and data lifecycle with advisory, transactional and compliance services, which includes advice on service management, data privacy, information security and cybercrime.

Our services include work in the following areas:

  • General technology (e.g. development, maintenance, outsourcing, teaming, project, service level & licencing)
  • Cloud computing (e.g. anything-as-a-service, cloud platform services)
  • Data science (e.g. artificial intelligence, machine learning)
  • Green technology (e.g. embedded generation, power purchasing, plant design & construction)
  • Information security, data privacy (e.g. cyber security, cyber crime, data processing agreements, privacy policies)
  • Electronic contracting (e.g. B2C, B2B, smart contracts, electronic signatures)
  • Crypto and blockchain assets (e.g. crypto currency, distributed legder technology, non-fungible tokens)
  • Virtual reality (e.g. gaming, augmented reality, metaverse)
  • Robotics and electronics (e.g. process automation, autonomous vehicles, drones, satellites)
  • Telecommunications (e.g. internet services, networks, software-defined radios)
  • Research & development tax incentives
  • Intellectual property valuations
  • Bespoke escrow services

Recent work

  • Acted for large parastatal with the acquisition of Oracle financial software
  • Acted for prominent data science company in the development and licensing a natural language classifier and a predictive analytics model to a large consulting firm
  • Acted for prominent distributor of various international brands in the licencing and implementation of SAP
  • Acted for parastatal with the licensing of an enterprise student management and development of a predictive outcomes system
  • Acted for a software development house in the development and licensing of a new enterprise system for medical schemes
  • Acted for a data science company licensing technology to predict retail and staffing demand to a large retailer
  • Acted for numerous tech entrepreneurs in the international commercialisation of their technologies